Award Worth: 3 awards ($1000, $750, $500)

Deadline: 30 April 2021

Faculty members from engineering or science programs at U.S. universities or colleges are eligible



The 2021 Topic is What can IWSH do to raise awareness for those who lack access to running water, sanitation?”

To acquaint the uninitiated with the crucial importance the plumbing industry plays in our everyday lives. To introduce students to the global impact of IWSH projects.  

Eligibility Requirements to Apply

Students must provide a copy of their current full-time schedule, school transcripts, or acceptance letter with their submission.

Must be a current high school senior; or enrolled or accepted as a full-time (12 credit hours) student in an accredited technical school, community college, trade school, four-year accredited college or university, or an apprentice program.

International students are eligible. Please submit proper school documentation with the essay

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