Basic Electric Circuits International Engineering Scholarship Competition 1.0 invites applications for the Basic Electrical Engineering Scholarship competition. Students majoring in one of the mentioned Engineering Degree Programs can apply for the Scholarship.

The online Scholarships competition will take place on the mentioned date in which international, as well as national students, can apply. 

Competition Date: 18 March 2021

Application Deadline: 10 March 2021

Scholarship Award: $500

List of Eligible Degree Programs

Students enrolled in one of the below mentioned 4-year Bachelors degree (either BS, BE, or BEng) programs can apply:

  • Bachelors of Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering
  • Bachelors of Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelors of Electronics Engineering
  • Bachelors of Computer Engineering
  • Bachelors of Mechatronics Engineering

 Students who are doing the following Engineering degrees can also apply provided that their Engineering degree has at least 4 credit hours related to an Electrical subject:


  • Agricultural Engineering Degree
  • Architectural Engineering Degree
  • Automotive Engineering Degree
  • Biomedical Engineering Degree
  • Chemical Engineering Degree
  • Civil Engineering Degree  
  • Engineering Management Degree
  • Industrial Engineering Degree
  • Marine Engineering Degree
  • Materials Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering Degree
  • Metallurgical Engineering Degree
  • Microelectronics Engineering Degree
  • Mining Engineering Degree
  • Nuclear Engineering Degree
  • Paper Engineering Degree
  • Petroleum Engineering Degree
  • Photonics Engineering Degree
  • Systems Engineering

About Competition

The competition will be MCQ based test from following topics. (Approximate weightage indicated) 

Circuit principles and rules (30%)

Basic Electrical Engineering Rules and Concepts. Ohm’s law, Current Divider, Voltage divider, Superposition principle, Kirchhoff’s laws, Series and Parallel circuits, Electrical Instrumentation and Measurements.

AC Electric Analysis (10%)

Concepts related to capacitance, inductance, and reactance. Analysis of purely inductive, capacitive, resistive, RC, RL, LC, and RLC circuits.

Electrical Machines (10%)

AC Electrical machines such as Induction motors, synchronous motors, BLDCs, and alternators.

Electrical and Electronic Components

Electrical and Electronics components such as diodes, transistors, thyristors, and operational amplifiers.

Project Management (10%)

Fundamentals of Project Management, types of managers, and organizational structures.

How to apply

Step 1: Fill the form below and submit data

Step 2: Send an email with the subject: “Basic Electrical Engineering Scholarship Competition 1.0” include your name, your branch of Engineering, and your current year of study in body and send to

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Application Form

    Terms and Conditions

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    2. Upon winning the competition you need to provide a bonafide form proving that you are currently enrolled in the course as well as one recommendation letter
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