The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics is a professional society for the field of aerospace engineering.

Founded: January 31, 1963

Location: Reston, Virginia, United States



To help support the future aerospace professionals, the AIAA Foundation provides scholarships and graduate awards annually to undergraduate and graduate students in science or engineering programs.

Undergraduate Engineering Scholarships offered by AIAA

AIAA offers a number of scholarships to which Engineering students can also apply.

Daedalus 88 Scholarship$10,0001st Oct – 31 Jan
David and Catherine Thompson Space Technology Scholarship$10,0001st Oct – 31 Jan
Vicki and George Muellner Scholarship for Aerospace Engineering$5,0001st Oct – 31 Jan
Wernher von Braun Scholarship$5,0001st Oct – 31 Jan
Liquid Propulsion Scholarship$25,001st Oct – 31 Jan

Digital Avionics Scholarships

ScholarshipAward worthDeadline
Cary Spitzer Digital Avionics Scholarship$20001st Oct – 31 Jan
Dr. Amy R. Pritchett Digital Avionics Scholarship$20001st Oct – 31 Jan
Dr. James Rankin Digital Avionics Scholarship$20001st Oct – 31 Jan
Ellis F. Hitt Digital Avionics Scholarship$20001st Oct – 31 Jan
Space Transportation Scholarship$15001st Oct – 31 Jan
Leatrice Gregory Pendray Scholarship (For female applicants only)$12501st Oct – 31 Jan
Rocky Mountain Section Scholarship$5001st Oct – 31 Jan

AIAA Graduate Scholarships Awards list

ScholarshipAward WorthDates
Neil Armstrong Graduate Award$5,00001 October to 31 January
Orville and Wilbur Wright Graduate Award (x2)$5,00001 October to 31 January
Dr. Hassan A. Hassan Graduate Award in Aerospace Engineering (x2)$5,00001 October to 31 January
Luis de Florez Graduate Award$35,0001 October to 31 January
Guidance, Navigation and Control Graduate Award$25,0001 October to 31 January
John Leland Atwood Graduate Award$1,25001 October to 31 January
Martin Summerfield Propellants and Combustion Graduate Award$1,25001 October to 31 January
Gordon C. Oates Air Breathing Propulsion Graduate Award$1,00001 October to 31 January
William T. Piper, Sr. General Aviation Systems Graduate Award$1,50001 October to 31 January

AIAA Judging for Scholarships:

  • Judging for AIAA Foundation-sponsored awards and scholarships is done by the Scholarship Selection Subcommittee of the Student Activities Committee.
  • Judging for Section or Technical Committee-sponsored awards and scholarships is done by sponsoring Technical Committees or Sections
  • All decisions made by the scholarship selection committees are final.
  • If a selection committee determines there is not a qualified applicant for a particular year, the scholarship will not be awarded.
  • Plagiarism – any essay responses or collateral materials should be the original work of the applicant. Any portion of an application that is found to be plagiarized will disqualify the application from any further review


  • Online application form opens at 12:00 p.m. EST, 1 October
  • Online applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. EST, 31 January
  • All transcripts must be received by 11:59 p.m. EST, 31 January

Application Links

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